Gather To Go DTS Start 6th April 2018, Applications Now Open!

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YWAM PE would not be in any form of existence if it wasn’t for partnership, and this has been the principle of God from the beginning of time. Please do contact us to discuss ways that we can possible partner with you.

Get involved

There many ways one can get involve with YWAM PE or YWAM at large such as: • You can pray for YWAM PE • You can come and do a DTS with YWAM PE • Invite us to speak into your church, ministry, cell group etc. • You can volunteer you time and serve with us hour of your day, one week, one month etc. • You can bring or refer short term outreach teams • Host us as an outreach team to your community • You can financially support YWAM PE or the individual(s) within YWAM PE or YWAM at large. • You can give any material as you feel lead by the Lord e.g. Clothes, Food, House, Car etc. and there is many other ways you can get involve and feel free to contact us regarding this.